April 24, 2018 | 10:44 pm
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Getting the Most Out Of Your Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

Running a business enterprise, particularly in the commercial food industry can at times be stressful, if not daunting. However, with good planning, your kitchen will not only run smoothly but be profitable. Besides getting the right kind of restaurant kitchen equipment, among the most important considerations are care and maintenance. For further information, Nella Cutlery has online resources available on their website.

As with any piece of restaurant equipment, regular cleaning using right products and maintenance must be performed if you want to get the maximum out of your equipment. This helps in keeping small issues from turning into major messes and crises. To get the most out of your commercial kitchen equipment, consider the following factors:

Get Commercial-Grade Kitchen Equipment

To get the best outcomes, avoid buying residential kitchen equipment for a commercial outlet! Whether you are buying used or new, getting equipment designed for commercial usage is a must. Those designed for domestic usage are not only limited in their output, but are technically not suited for large scale food preparation.

Though tempting to go for residential kitchen equipment as they are cheaper, commercial-grade equipment is more durable, easier to clean, and designed for constant, heavy-duty use.

Choose the Right Equipment

Getting the appropriate restaurant kitchen equipment is critical as it has to be suited for preparing the food you intend to offer your customers. Whether new or used, having the right type of information is critical towards making the right purchase decision, lest you get duped into acquiring kitchen equipment that cannot offer the services you require.

For example, if making pizzas is what you are planning to do, then certainly you need grills and ovens for that. Similarly, if buffet type catering is your goal, then you will need cook & hold ovens.

Clean Equipment Daily

While your best bet in terms of maintaining your ovens and cooktops is wiping up any spills immediately they happen so as to prevent burning-on, if you are running a busy operation that may not always be possible. When very busy, residue and crumbs may remain untouched for hours before you get the chance of scrubbing or wiping them off.

In the majority of cases, light cleaning using a non-abrasive pad plus suitable solution is all what you will need after closing for the day to get rid of any splatter. When you leave food mess to accumulate day after day, it is not only unhealthy due to bacteria growth but can also promote metal corrosion. Even small surfaces that are not cleaned regularly can easily promote corrosion and become bacteria breeding grounds.


As you consider installing or upgrading your restaurant kitchen equipment, it’s good to bear in mind that investing in quality, appropriate equipment is what will determine the success of your outlet. To avoid kitchen malfunctions and for keeping your commercial operation running smoothly, then it is imperative to ensure proper care and maintenance of your equipment. For further information, Nella Cutlery has online resources available on their website.


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